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Sharing national data and reporting

Many European countries routinely publish reports based on data from their perinatal health information systems. They include recent data on maternal and child health outcomes as well as useful commentary about trends over time and risk factors for poor health.

Access the latest national reports here. Older reports are available from the archives link below.

Perinatal activity in Flanders 2013
Perinatale activiteiten in Vlaanderen 2013
Birth statistics 2015, p. 263-272
Croatian Institute of Public Health
Cyprus public and private maternity units: Perinatal Health Indicators 2014
Health Monitoring Unit. Republic of Cyprus, Ministry of Health
Medical Birth Register data (latest 2015), Sundhedsdata-styrelsen
Detailed data tables available here, Sundhedsdata-styrelsen
Live births and stillbirths by weight of birth, type of delivery and sex (1997-2014, all years), Statistics Denmark
Statistical data from 1992-2014 in the Estonian Medical Birth Registry and the Estonian Abortion Registry 1996-2014 available here and here
Tervise Arengu Instituut, National Institute for Public Health, Tallin 2015
Additional data on perinatal deaths, Estonian Registry for Causes of Death, National Institute for Public Health
Perinatal health reports on births and newborns, assisted fertility treatments, induced abortions and sterilizations and congenital malformations in Finland, THL National Institute for Health and Welfare.
Perinatal health data for 2015, THL
Perinatal satistics in database, THL
Open access perinatal health data available here (in finnish only), THL
Perinatal statistics in the Nordic countries (2014), THL
The French National Perinatal Surveys monitor the main indicators of health, medical practice and risk factors during the perinatal period.The latest survey was conducted in 2016.
Report of the National Expert Committee on Maternal Mortality (CNEMM), France, 2007-2009.
Federal Population and Health Statistics, Destatis Federal Statistical Office
Federal GENESIS-Online databank, Destatis
Federal analyses on quality indicators 2015: Hospital births p.64 onwards,
IQTiG Institute for Quality and Transparency in Health care
Main Characteristics of Hungarian Twin and Multiple Births in Official Statistics (1970-2012)
Hungarian Central Statistical Office
Perinatal Health Statistics (latest 2015)
Directorate of Health
Perinatal Statistics Report 2014
Health Service Executive, Healthcare Pricing Office
Severe maternal morbidity in Ireland (annual report 2014)
National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre
Report of Birth Certificates 2013
Ministry of Health
Perinatal Health statistics 2015
Perinatal Statistics 2001-2014 (all years) available here
Infant mortality statistics 1997-2015, available here
Institute of Hygiene Health, Information Centre, Vilnius University Medical Faculty, Vilnius University Centre of Neonatology
Surveillance de la santé périnatale au Luxembourg: 2011-2012-2013, Ministry of Health and Luxembourg Institute of Health-LIH
Cesarean delivery guide for women 2014: Cesareans: Yes? No? Maybe?, Ministry of Health and Luxembourg Institute of Health-LIH
Recommendations for term elective cesarean delivery (incl. data 2007-2011), Conseil Scientifique
Annual perinatal health reports are available here
The Netherlands
Perinatal indicators in 2014
The Netherlands Perinatal Registry
2014 Perinatal health report on births and deliveries, National Institute of Public Health
Evaluation of the Normal Delivery Strategy (2013)

Cesarean section rates
Abortion statistics, from the Ministry of Health
Annual perinatal mortality reports from 2008-2015, Generalitat Valenciana
Abortion statistics 2001-2015
Congenital Anomalies 2007-2011
Perinatal Health Observatory statistics (latest 2012)
Perinatal health indicators (2017) Full report - Catalan version
Perinatal health indicators (2017) Short report  - English version
Perinatal health indicators (2017) Short report  - Catalan version
Public Health Agency of Catalonia
Newborn health (2015)
Infant and fetal mortality (2015)
Reproductive health (2015)
Swiss Federal Statistical Office
Medical Birth Register data, 1973-2014
Birth defects 2014
Abortions 2014
Breastfeeding 2014, from the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen)
United Kingdom
Perinatal Mortality Surveillance Report 2014, MBRRACE-UK
England and Wales
Childhood and perinatal mortality report: England and Wales 2014, Office of National Statistics
Birth summary tables: England and Wales 2015, Office of National Statistics
Maternity statistics for England 2014-15, NHS
Maternity statistics for Wales, 2005-15
Northern Ireland
Birth and infant mortality statistics 2015
Statistical profile of children's health in Northern Ireland 2014-15, HSC Public Health Agency
Births in Scottish Hospitals (year ending 31 March 2016), NHS National Services Scotland
Scottish Perinatal and Infant Mortality and Morbidity Report 2012
Information Services Division and the Reproductive Health Programme of Healthcare Improvement Scotland, NHS National Services Scotland with collaboration from the NRS, National Records of Scotland

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